Open Our Oregon is a grassroots group taking the fight to Salem (or beyond if necessary) to undo the unconstitutional executive orders implemented by Governor Kate Brown.

This effort will require a great constitutional legal team(s), funds for the ensuing battles and the gathering of many like-minded individuals. With everybody’s help, we will take the fight to Salem and get an emergency injunction to immediately halt any further damage from Governor Brown’s draconian executive orders. We believe these multiple ’emergency declarations’ are not only unjust, and unwarranted, but also do not fall under the laws of either our U.S. Constitution or our Oregon state Constitution. Beyond that we will show to the courts, that Governor Brown has over-stepped her authority in closing small ‘non-essential’ business and substantially harmed not only our state’s economy but Oregonians’ well-being, as well. We will fight to undo the freedom limiting executive orders of Gov. Brown and demand our government allow Oregon’s small businesses to freely open back up and get Oregonians back to work. Can we count on you to join in our fight, for all Oregonians?

You can click here to donate any amount of your choosing – We appreciate your help and support in our battle to Open Our Oregon ! PayPal.Me/OpenOurOregon

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