We Filed Federal Lawsuit TODAY !


Portland attorney James L. Buchal, in association with attorney Tyler Smith of Canby, Oregon, has filed suit in federal district court to enjoin the Governor’s continuing shutdown of businesses throughout the State.   The complaint, brought on behalf of small businesses throughout the State, alleges that full shutdown orders are obviously no longer necessary to prevent Oregon’s emergency health services from being overwhelmed, and that the massive economic harm from the shutdown, and rise in suicides, should “shock the conscience” of the Court.  The suit is supported by expert medical testimony warning of the very real adverse effects of the Governor’s lockdown which may even exceed the effects of COVID-19.

Buchal warns that “few American citizens understand that perhaps the most fundamental human right, to work to earn money to support oneself, is now perhaps the most disfavored right in the federal courts.  Instead of a government of laws, we have a totem pole of rights depending on your identity group, and the rights of ordinary Americans who just want to make a living are at the bottom of that totem pole.”  If nothing else, he says, “the suit will constitute a litmus test to identify the federal judges who regard ordinary citizens as mere cattle of the State, not free citizens with inalienable rights.” 

For further information:

James Buchal 503-314-6597

Tyler Smith 503-266-5590

Now we need YOUR help, please consider a financial contribution of $100 or whatever you are able:

You can click here to donate any amount of your choosing – We appreciate your help and support in our battle to Open Our Oregon ! PayPal.Me/OpenOurOregon

8 thoughts on “We Filed Federal Lawsuit TODAY !

  1. It’s about time! The liberal democrats have been running rough shod in Oregon for way too long! Time for Oregonians to change the agenda. Vote RED!
    Thank you for filing the lawsuit. I pray and hope this will get Oregonians back to work.


    1. Pat, thanks for the great question, unfortunately the answer is ‘no’. I have no idea for a timeline for a ruling on this. We’re hoping the judge will rule (in our favor of course) on the emergency injunction this week. We’ll wait and see. Stay strong and continue to help OPEN OUR OREGON.


  2. I wish you could fight for groceries worker too. Our right is taking away from us, Kate brown force us to wearing us to mask. I’m more sick now, then before. I can’t breathe and I get so dizzy, most of all my way of thinking is gone, sometimes I can’t perform my job. We are a Americans, we need to make our own choices, is our freedom right. She can’t hold us a fine of $1500 for not wearing the mask at work. More over she should have mandatory all groceries worker wearing in March, instead in May. To late for that.


  3. Thank u …. while we wait to “see” better safe then sorry, our country dies from lack of employment, food and lack to pay their own roof over their children’s heads yet we expect them to stay online and do school, REALLY.PEOPLE!!!!


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