We Are Fighting for Jennifer:

Legal counsel team asked me to share this email they received this today. I am sharing direct from the email. Please consider helping our fight to OPEN OUR OREGON, with a kind financial contribution…


Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 1:09 PM
To: counsel@xxxxx.com
Subject: Pain and suffering caused by this order

Hello James, my name is Jennifer ____________, I am a former foster youth, a survivor of abuse and neglect and have lived my entire life thus far, in poverty. Im also a mother to four children, and I am a full time college student.

Before this order and schools were closed, my two oldest children attended 3rd and 6th grade classes, while my two youngesg children attended the onsite all day early headstart classes for parent students at my college. I was able to do my coursework and get As and Bs every term. 

But this order has taken the one resource I utilized to work toward my degree. 

I know you worked hard on yours, and it allowed you economic opportunity, but imagine going through college while raising children and coming from the past I come from. 

Kate Brown does not care that my education is at risk, and that without a degree we will remain in poverty. 

She has caused my family irreparable damage and I want her to be held accountable. 

James, can you help?


These kinds of emails and stories simply breaks my heart every time I read one, and there is no shortage of them. Jennifer is not alone. Thousands of Oregonians are facing a similarly frightening time in their lives right now. Their/our future is so uncertain and with their fundamental rights seemingly stripped away without any opportunity for due process, it’s difficult not to feel scared and frustrated. Open Our Oregon is seeking financial support to help fund the legal battles to allow Jennifer and all Oregonians the freedom to live their lives as they legally choose. Please consider helping Jennifer by donating today. Yes, the federal case was submitted yesterday to the 9th Circuit court (as posted about in yesterday’s Blog Post), yet this is just the first step of many, I’m certain, will come.

You can click here to donate any amount of your choosing – We appreciate your help and support in our battle to Open Our Oregon ! PayPal.Me/OpenOurOregon

One thought on “We Are Fighting for Jennifer:

  1. Thank you and I will contribute as soon as I can! I pray you can get us opened up! I am self employed and no unemployment as of yet. Thank you!


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