Open Our Oregon NEEDS YOUR HELP. Would you please take just 10-15 minutes to write a brief letter to the honorable judge McShane that is reviewing our case. We need to show the court that the federal case has tremendous support from Oregonians all across our great state. Included in this post are a coupe of ‘SAMPLE’ letters to use a guideline as to what may help.

If you are a business that has been negatively impacted by the unconstitutional actions of our state’s Governor, please consider writing a letter to the judge. Please simply explain how your business, livelihood, your family, and/or your employees are facing not only financial hardship, but uncertainty as well. How has this affected your mental well-being ?

Workers/Employees that have been laid off of work or lost your work all together, we NEED YOU. Please also consider taking a few minutes of your busy time and write a brief letter too. Outline how you’ve lost your income, your ability to legally perform work of your choosing. How has it been trying to get through and claim UI insurance benefits. How far did that $1200 ‘stimulus’ check take you and your family through over two months of no other income ?

Yes folks, YOUR HELP IS NEEDED, in this extremely helpful Call To Action. Please keep your letter pointed, brief and on topic. Keep them non-partisan and cordial, with no references to political party or affiliations and no personal attacks or name calling, naturally. Spread to the word to fellow business owners and friends in similar situations.

You can send letters to the District Court and Judge McShane (appointed by President Obama) using this address:

Honorable District Judge Michael J. McShane

Wayne L. Morse United States Courthouse
Room 5700 
405 East Eighth Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401-2706

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