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Baker County Judge overturns Governor’s coronavirus executive orders

  • By Jayson Jacoby jjacoby@bakercityherald.com
  • May 18, 2020 Updated 5 min ago

Baker County Circuit Court Judge on Monday declared all executive orders that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has issued related to the coronavirus pandemic as “null and void.”

Brown has exceeded her authority by restricting activities, including church services and businesses, for longer than the 28 days the governor is authorized under a state law related to public health emergencies, Shirtcliff said.

The judge granted a preliminary injunction blocking each of the more than 10 executive orders the governor has issued since March 8.

Shirtcliff’s decision applies to the entire state. He ruled on the motions because the lawsuit challenging the duration of the governor’s legal authority was filed May 6 in Baker County Circuit Court.

Two attorneys from the Oregon Department of Justice who are representing Brown asked Shirtcliff to either issue a stay, meaning the preliminary injunction wouldn’t take effect immediately, or to wait 48 hours before entering his decision into the record, which would have the same effect.

The governor’s lawyers, Marc Abrams and Christina Beatty-Walters, said they would seek an immediate review of Shirtcliff’s decision by the Oregon Supreme Court, with a goal of overturning his ruling.


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