District Court Appeal Case – Decision

Here’s the Appeal’s Court’s full decision that upholds the Oregon Governor’s Executive (Unconstitutional) Orders. You can download a copy for yourself, below. Please help fund our Federal case by donating. We appreciate your help and support in our battle to Open Our Oregon ! PayPal.Me/OpenOurOregon 506 June 12, 2020 No. 21IN THE SUPREME COURT OFContinue reading “District Court Appeal Case – Decision”

Our Response to the Federal Dismissal

I apologize to all for not getting new information shared to everybody, in a timely manner. Things have been extremely crazy busy the past couple weeks. Legal Counsel asked Open Our Oregon if we would be willing to continue pursuing the federal case and provide the financial support that would require. After much thought, OpenContinue reading “Our Response to the Federal Dismissal”


You can click here to donate any amount of your choosing – We appreciate your help and support in our battle to Open Our Oregon ! PayPal.Me/OpenOurOregon Baker County Judge overturns Governor’s coronavirus executive orders By Jayson Jacoby jjacoby@bakercityherald.com May 18, 2020 Updated 5 min ago Baker County Circuit Court Judge on Monday declared allContinue reading “OR. CAN OPEN FOR BUSINESS ?”


U.S. District Court District of Oregon Notice of Electronic Filing The following transaction was entered on 5/14/2020 at 11:11 AM PDT and filed on 5/14/2020 Case Name: Open Our Oregon, et al. v. Kate Brown, et al. Case Number: 6:20-cv-00773-MC Filer: Document Number: 20(No document attached) Docket Text:Scheduling Order by Judge Michael J. McShane: OralContinue reading “INITIAL HEARING DATE: 5-20-20 ! !”

We Are Fighting for Jennifer:

Legal counsel team asked me to share this email they received this today. I am sharing direct from the email. Please consider helping our fight to OPEN OUR OREGON, with a kind financial contribution… From: Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 1:09 PMTo: counsel@xxxxx.comSubject: Pain and suffering caused by this order Hello James, my name isContinue reading “We Are Fighting for Jennifer:”

We Filed Federal Lawsuit TODAY !

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   BUSINESSES THROUGHOUT THE STATE SUE GOVERNOR TO RE-OPEN Portland attorney James L. Buchal, in association with attorney Tyler Smith of Canby, Oregon, has filed suit in federal district court to enjoin the Governor’s continuing shutdown of businesses throughout the State.   The complaint, brought on behalf of small businesses throughout the State, allegesContinue reading “We Filed Federal Lawsuit TODAY !”